Hello, I'm Sven Björn Fi,
a generative artist based in Paris.

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Sven Björn Fi

I have been coding since I was a kid and worked in tech all my life. After doing a bit of 3D art when I was in high school and studying art at the university for a few years, I started doing some experiments in generative art probably around 2010.

I also collect a lot of ideas about artworks (in text files, on post-it notes) until at some point (2019 maybe ?) I started finishing some artworks and showing it to people. Some of these people even encouraged me and... here we are.

For the computer historians among you: my earliest code memories go back to Applesoft BASIC (on an Apple ||c computer). I also remember the mouse tutorial from that computer and having lots of fun filling shapes with patterns on MousePaint. This is probably where it all started.

My approach to art

The kind of art I make is called generative art because it is generated by a computer based on rules that I define. I create some rules in code and the computer applies them to produce a result. Some parts of the creation process are decided by me and others are based on seemingly random choices made by the computer.

This approach means that I choose not to control every little detail of the art that will be made. I adjust the code until I am satisfied with the result and that is the precise moment when the experiment becomes an artwork generator. This generator can then produce an infinity of unique artworks based on the same code.

Social media

For the moment, most of my work is posted on Instagram and Twitter (photos are usually nicer on Instagram and there are a bit more explanations on Twitter).



You can send me DMs on social media, but the traditional way of contacting people on the internet still works too :)