Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers about art and the rest.

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Generative Art / Algorithmic Art

What kind of art is this ?
Well, there are a lot of different definitions for Generative Art :)
Here is mine: Art that is made in collaboration between an artist and a machine.

Custom Algorithms

My approach (on art and most other subjects) is always to try and start from a blank slate in order to truly understand how things work. Except where mentioned, the art you see has been produced using custom built algorithms and no existing code libraries.

Obviously I didn't recreate complete operating systems or programming languages :) It's just that I don't usually use libraries like Processing for example.


Signed on the back

I tried a lot of different ways of signing the small format art on the front, but I feel it just doesn't work and ruins the minimalist effect. This is why I decided to sign the art on the back along with the title of the piece and the date.


Nielsen Accent (aluminium oak effect)

This modern aluminium frame is made by Nielsen. I think the light wood effect works especially well with the strong contrasts and geometric art I make.

You can obviously choose any other frame because I use standard sizes. You are even encouraged to do it for overseas sales.

Basic wood frame

This very basic wood frame is indeed very basic :) It uses a soft plastic sheet instead of glass and that allows it to be sent as a letter and not a parcel (huge difference in shipping price).

Contact me if you want to know about other framing options.

Basic plastic frame

Basic but stylish plastic frame with glass protection. It is less than 1cm high and thus can be sent as a letter and not a parcel (huge difference in shipping price).

Contact me if you want to know about other framing options.

Glassless frame

For pieces where the grain of the paper is important, I prefer to use glassless frames. This allows you to enjoy every subtle shadow on the paper and no reflections. If you buy a framed artwork, I still ship the glass so you can put it on later if you want.

The artworks made of paper are sensitive to liquids, so if you display the art next to anything that might splash, do use the glass.



Your payment is processed using the Stripe Checkout service. I do not have access to your payment information, I only know if the payment has been successful or not.

The usual security checks apply: check that the Stripe page address starts with "" and has a valid security certificate.

Shipping Services

Shipping stuff is not as easy as it looks. This is why at the moment I only ship to Europe and North America. I will expand shipping options in the near future, so if you know a good shipping service (especially for art), let me know.

With the postal service I am using, at the moment, Europe means all countries in the European Union. Soon I will expand shipping to Switzerland and the United Kingdom. And then probably to eastern Europe. Then the rest of the world (but no idea in what order). Ask me if you are interested in something and want it shipped to a country that is not yet available.

Other stuff

Tracking / Cookies

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