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"Lo/En" - Sven Björn Fi

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More information about this series

0×0 cm

The drawing itself measures × and the paper × .

There are 2 other pieces in this series.

Buying options

There should be a list of buying options for this artwork right here... But if this message appears, it means something has gone wrong, so please contact me and I'll fix it :/

If you live outside of western Europe, shipping costs for the framed version will be at least 20 euros so it's more interesting to frame it yourself. I don't make money on the frames :)

About the "Dædalus" series

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Made to order

The artwork will be made specially for you when I receive the order. I do not prepare artworks in advance because I am always improving small details both in code and during the crafting process. The exact creation date will be drawn on the back of the work (along with my monogram and the title).

Unique maze

Each "Dædalus" piece is made with the same base algorithm but there are a lot of different rules and options that can be activated depending on each piece. The number of elements, the density, the style, the type of pens or colors used... Everything can change. The individual details of each piece are random and form a unique maze structure that will never be repeated. The precise structure will be archived with your order and can be drawn again only for you, if you want a duplicate or need a replacement for example.

Coloured honeycomb paper

This series is drawn on medium weight pulp-dyed colour paper (160gsm) with a textured honeycomb pattern. This paper is made by the french company Canson (a well-know art paper company founded in 1557) and complies with ISO Standard 9706 on permanence (acid-free, without optical brightness additives, mould resistant).

Signed on the front or back

My monogram "Ö" is usually written on the back of the work. It is the only element drawn by hand - all the rest is done by a drawing machine. It can be signed either at the back or also on front in the bottom right corner. You decide.


The technique used here (ink on paper) is very durable. I suggest displaying it in a glassless frame or maybe even unframed depending on where you will display it. It should be kept away from direct sunlight and anything liquid. If needed you can gently dust it off with a soft brush.

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This artwork is part of the Dædalus series, an ongoing experiment with different kind of maze styles.

  • Red Dædalus 29×18 with dual outlines "Ku/Ip"

  • Green Dædalus 29×18 with dual outlines "Ku/Ip"

  • Blue Dædalus 29×18 with dual outlines "Ku/Ip"